Features Of Agriculture Use Hay Spear

Handheld hay spears have always been one of the most-used and familiar tools of the rural farmer. But over the last century or so, agricultural activities have become highly industrialized. This is mainly due to the rapid increase of the world’s population and its subsequent and growing demand for natural and processed food sources.

double bale hay spear

Evolving into one of the world’s many breadbaskets, the rural farmer has evolved into an industrial practitioner of epic proportions whereby most of his agricultural tools now need to be mechanized. The double bale hay spear is one such product example.

Do observe some of its features and endeavor to appreciate its beneficial use for the industrial farmer. The double bale hay spear is a heavy duty device. It not one but no less than four spears attached. It is fitted with three-point standard lifting arms and category 2 and 3N hitches.

Another bale spear used industriously is the cross bolt bale spear, and industrial farmers have a choice of 33 inch, 39 inch and 48 inch sizes to choose from here. While the spear is mechanized, it is not a complex tool. A trained and disciplined farm laborer could be using these tools. Bale spears are easy to remove from its attachments.

All the user has to do is remove the cross bolt and then pull out the spear. And the mechanized spear can be transported across acres of farming land easily enough as well. The spears are housed in a specially prepared carrier, initially prepared for large round and square hay bales. These bales are so far perfectly poised as 3×3, 3×4 and 4×4 bales. In comparison to the once held handheld tool, these spears are gigantic.

They can be up to eight feet long and as wide as six feet. No argument, but this is huge.